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About us
Louis Casper Dünweber
Millionaire Businessman. Over 7 years experience trading equities and 4 years in cryptocurrency trading. Managing 2 portfolios that consist of day trading and long term investing.
Leandro Marcarian
Tokenomics Advisor
10+ years’ experience in economic research. 5+ years’ experience in crypto analysis and tokenomics development. Holds 2 Masters in economics + degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and International Monetary Fund.
Erick Ho
Project Advisor
12+ years in building startups and raising capital. I joined BitMonsters as an advisor after I saw a potential of an accelerated DEX ecosystem to compete with PancakeSwap and the top 1% decentralized exchanges.
Federico Orsi
Finance Advisor
+12 years of experience working in the Corporate Finance industry. Currently, I manage FinEco Advisors, my own consulting firm specialized in Finance and Economics, and I carry out advisory projects for companies, start-ups and investment funds from Argentina and different countries of the world. In my beginnings as a professional, I worked in the Business Valuation area of Deloitte and then developed myself as an independent financial advisor.
Muhammad Subhan
4+ Years of experience in Media PR industry, working with many Crypto & Blockchain startups to get their name on premium medias. Co-founder of where they provide Marketing + Development services.
Our Mission
Is to unlock the full potential of digital assets, combine them with the most rewarding opportunities available across all financial markets, and make these available to the world.
Our Ideology
The development ideology of BitMonsters implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on crypto trading and distribution of platform resources to users.
Simple Steps that Bring Great Results
We offer the market’s leading returns on your digital assets through our simple Membership Rewards program. We believe that everyone should have access to the best earning opportunities.
Countries joined
$5+ millions
BitMonsters Ecosystem
Education Today is Experience Tomorrow
Stay up-to-the-minute with the World of Finance that trigger informed decisions as our global team of experts bring you curated topics, sought-after articles, ground-breaking opinions and life-changing advise.
BitMonsters Trading
Cut through the chaos and complexity with real time data on events affecting global markets. Cutting edge technology best in class market tools.
BitMonsters crypto wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet software that allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies safely.
BitMonsters Token
Will be implemented to our platform, DEX platform, traditional companies, rewards.
BitMonsters DEX
Number 1 DEX platform with a multi-type referral system and lowest exchange fee.
BitMonsters crypto cards
Using BitMonsters card unlocks more ways to spend and save.
BitMonsters ATMs
Withdraw your money whenever you need them.
online shop
Car rentals
energy drink
discover our RoadMap
The Alpha version of Bitmonsters. Platform Release and wealth management basic instruments activation
Loyalty and Reward program.
First Leadership Event.
Trading Hackaton Event Launch.
Whitepaper Release.
Basic course Academy launch with a series of webinars.
Bitmonsters IDO. Secured by 111PG Technology.
BitM Utility token unlock.
Staking Platform Launch.
Bitmonsters DEX MVP.
Certik Audit of token contract.
BitDex deflationary token with reflections technology release and retrodropped for early users.
BitMonsters Academy launch with NFT, Investments, Wealth Management, Trading sections.
NFT certificates/vouchers launch.
BitMonsters P2E arcade game launch.
Bitmonsters Incubator Launch.
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We place the interest of our community at the heart of the business. This is where the community takes charge and follows these delineated set of actions as they inch a step closer to becoming a part of our constantly growing family.
Our partners
June 27-03
Warsaw, poland
June 17-21
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
July 17-31
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Warsaw, poland
July 06-08
Riga, Latvia
July 04-06
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Got a question?
How to register?

Follow the link and fill the empty fields. And remember, you can’t register without a referral ID.

How do replenish the balance?

First of all, turn off an AdBlock application. Then click the button “deposit” and fill the following pop-up.

How to buy a package?

Choose a package in a sector “packages”, and click the button “invest”.

How to withdraw money?

Click the button "withdraw" and fill in your BTC/USDT(TRC20) address.

How to activate an account?

Firstly, pass registration and follow the link in the mail, which our platform will automatically send to you.

How long does it take to withdraw?

According to regulations, withdrawal lasts for 72 hours.

How long is the deposit activated?

According to regulations, activation lasts for 24 hour.

Is that legal?


Proofs of registration (confirmation of legality of work) are here:

Where can I see trading results?

In the back of your account's profile, in the trading results section.

When can I provide a referral bonus?

According to regulations, anytime you would like.

What is a minimum deposit / withdrawal?

10UDST(TRC20) or 100$ in Bitcoin.

How do I go to the tracking level?

Check the requirements in your account to close the tracking level.

When will I get a daily income?

Daily accrual income proceeds every Monday to your account.